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Barclays is a large financial services company based in London. In addition to offering credit cards, Barclays also offers personal loans. You can only complete a Barclays loan application if you have an invitation, though. These loans are unsecured personal loans, which means you don’t need to offer any collateral for security.

The maximum loan amount for Barclays is $35,000, and the loan terms range from three to five years. The APR is based on your credit history. It ranges from 4.99 percent to 20.99 percent.

How to Apply for BarclayCardUS Loan Online

It’s easy to apply for BarclayCardUS loan online.

  1. First, visit their website. Although many applicants think their website is barclaycardusloan.com, the correct website to visit is apply.mybarclaycardloan.com.
  2. Enter the invitation code from your personalized invitation.
  3. Type in your last name and click “Continue.”
  4. Follow the prompts to finish your application.
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Barclays Loan Customer Service

If you have questions about your Barclays loan, you can call them at 1-866-951-14-16. You can also write them at:
P.O. Box 8893
Wilmington, DE, 19899-8893.

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Barclays Loan FAQs

How much money can I borrow?
When you apply for BarclayCardUS loan, you can request up to $35,000. The amount you’re approved for varies depending on your financial situation.

What is the APR for a Barclays personal loan?
The APR is based on your creditworthiness, and most range from 4.99 percent to 20.99 percent. You will know your APR after you complete the application.

Are there any fees?
Barclays does not charge any fees for originating the loan.

Is there a late fee?
There is no late fee if you miss a payment due date. Your loan will continue to accrue interest, though, and it will take longer to pay off if you don’t pay promptly.

How do I pay the loan?
Barclays only accepts online payments for personal loans. You will need to set up an account through their website to make payments.

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Barclays Loan Reviews

Reviews for Barclays personal loans are mixed. Some potential customers who receive invitations are frustrated when they aren’t approved, or if they are approved with a higher interest rate. This may just be confusion due to the fact that pre-qualification letters don’t mean you are automatically approved for a loan. It just means you meet their pre-qualification criteria. Some also complained about the lengthy application process and needing to provide documentation and answer questions. This is a typical part of applying for an unsecured loan, though. Customers that completed the process and were approved seemed happy with their experience.

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