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Step by Step Guide to First National Credit Card Application

    Step by Step Guide to First National Credit Card Application
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First National Bank has branch locations in Minnesota, Colorado, and South Dakota. The bank also offers two credit cards. You can only apply for a card if you’ve received an invitation. Depending on which card you qualify for, you may be eligible for a rewards program.  

First National Bank Credit Card Types

Compare First National Bank Credit Cards

First National Visa Credit Card

First National Legacy Visa Credit Card
Rewards Program

Earn one reward point (equivalent to one dollar) for every $100 that you spend in net purchases; spending $2,000 would earn you 20 points.

Annual Fee $0  $75
Late Payment Fee Up to $25  Up to $25 
APR for Purchases 16.65%-29.9% 29.9%
Balance Transfer Fee 3% of the amount of each transferred balance 3% of the amount of each transferred balance
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction 1% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction
Fraud coverage
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How to Complete a First National Credit Card Application Online

It’s simple to complete a First National Credit Card application online.

  1. If you’ve received an offer in the mail, visit their website at
  2. Click the green button in the middle of that page that says “Accept Online.”

  • On the next page, enter your reservation number and your access code. You can find both in the middle of your offer letter.
  • Click the blue “Continue” button.

  • Verify your mailing address and your personal information.
  • Complete the acceptance form and follow the prompts to finish your application.
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Other Ways to Apply for First National Credit Card

You can also complete your First National Credit Card application by mail. Fill in the form and mail it to:
Legacy Visa
P.O. Box 5097
Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5097.

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First National Credit Card Rewards Program

If you qualify, you may receive a First National Credit Card with a rewards program. Their rewards program offers $1 in rewards for each $100 you purchase. The rewards are paid out in $25 increments as a statement credit.

If you don’t qualify for a rewards card, you may be able to enroll in their Premium Club for $4.95 per month. The Premium Club offers discounts on hotels, rental cars, and entertainment.

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FNB Credit Card FAQs

What is the APR for an FNB credit card?
The APR for an FNB credit card ranges from 16.65 percent to 29.9 percent.

What happens if I have financial difficulties?
If you have financial difficulties, you can contact First National Bank. You may want to enroll in their payment protection plan before you have any issues, though. For a small fee, FNB will provide payment assistance if you are unemployed or disabled.

Is there an annual fee?
Whether or not you have an annual fee depends on which card offer you receive. If there is a fee, it ranges from $39 to $75 per year.

Is there a late fee?
If your payment is received after the due date, you may be charged a late fee of up to $25.

Can I get a cash advance?
You can get a cash advance. Cash advances typically have a higher APR of up to 29.9 percent and there is a transaction fee of 2 percent of the total cash advance.

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FNB Credit Card Reviews

Reviews for the FNB credit card are mixed. Although the card is available to those with less than stellar credit, there are other options available with a lower APR. The annual fee can also be high. Having access to the Protection Plan can be helpful if there is an emergency, though.

Rewards Program
APR for Purchases
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For Example:

Let’s assume the balance on your credit card is $5000, your card’s APR is 23%, and your minimum monthly payment in percentage is 100. Your first payment should be $100. Note that this number is expected to change over time.

To pay off your credit card balance in full, it will take you 2442 months. You’ll pay the overall interest of $99510.62. Your total payment will be $104510.62.

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator

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Minimum Monthly Payment ($):
Months to Payoff:
Total Interest:
Total Payments:


Amortization Schedule

Payment Interest Principal Balance
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Watch How Do Balance Transfers Credit Cards Work

Before apply for new credit card estimate your potential balance transfer savings

Online Balance Transfer Calculator

First National Credit Card 1st Year Annual fee $ Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Currently, a variable % - % APR on purchases. (These APRs do not apply to cash advances.)


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