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Lots of people struggle with their credit. If you don’t have established credit or your credit score is low, the Blaze credit card could be a promising option. As with most credit cards for those with poor credit, there is an annual fee and a relatively high APR. The card’s issuer is  First Savings Bank.

How to Complete a Blaze Credit Card Application Online

Completing a Blaze credit card application online is simple.

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the yellow button saying “Apply Now.”

  3. On the next page, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click the yellow button reading “Apply Now.”

  4. Enter your first and last name, your Social Security number, your date of birth, and your email address.
    Provide your address, your phone number, and your mother’s maiden name.
    Type in your annual income. Indicate whether you rent or own and your monthly rent or mortgage.

  5. Click “Preview Application” and follow the prompts to finish your application.
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Other Options for Blaze Mastercard® Apply Process

You can also apply if you get an invitation in the mail. Visit their website and scroll to the middle of the page.

Click “Accept Mail Offer.”

On the next page, enter your reservation number and access code. You can find both near the bottom of your mail offer.

Follow the prompts to finish your application.

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Blaze Credit Card Rewards

The Blaze credit card doesn’t have any built-in rewards. You can opt into their Premium Club membership, though. The membership costs $4.95 per month and it provides discounts on travel.

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Blaze Card FAQs

What is the APR for a Blaze card?
The APR for a Blaze credit card is 29.9 percent.

Can I add an authorized user?
You can add an additional user, but there is a $20 annual fee for each user you add.

Is there an annual fee?
There is a $75 annual fee which is billed on your first statement and once per year and annually after that.

Is there a late fee?
The late fee is up to $25. You will also be charged a fee of up to $25 for a returned payment.

Can I get a cash advance?
You can take a cash advance. If you get a cash advance, you will be billed a 2 percent fee for the total of the cash advance.

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Blaze Credit Card Reviews

Blaze credit card users seem pleased with their card experience. Several users report being approved, even if they have a recent bankruptcy or a spotty credit history. They are aware of the annual fee and high APR, but are happy with the late fee of $25, which is lower than other cards. There are a few complaints about customer service, but others report having had a good experience when they get in touch with customer service.

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