The Barclaycard with Apple Rewards is a rewards card that incentivizes cardholders to use the card by offering them

When applying for a rewards card, look closely at the offered APR and annual fee to see if the rewards are worth the costs. The Barclaycard with Apple Rewards offers an APR between 13.99% and 26.99%. With an average APR and a $0 USD annual fee, which is below the $35.73 national average, the Barclaycard with Apple Rewards is an attractive rewards card.

Rates and Fees

Annual Fee: The Barclaycard with Apple Rewards card does not charge an annual fee for usage.

Purchase APR

The Barclaycard with Apple Rewards card offers a purchase APR between 13.99% and 26.99, though the rate can vary depending on credit history and external market factors (e.g., changes to the U.S. prime rate).

Balance Transfers

Balance transfers are usually conducted by cardholders who want to move their existing debt from one credit card to another card that has lower interest rates.

Balance Transfer Rates and Fees

When considering the Barclaycard with Apple Rewards card relative to other balance transfer options, it is worth noting that the average balance transfer APR for all cards is 18.45% and the typical balance transfer fee is roughly $6 or 3.97% of the transferred value (whichever value is greater).

Cash Advance Rates and Fees

Issuers provide cash advance services to allow cardholders to withdraw cash from their credit line from an ATM, bank, or another financial institution. Though this can be helpful, cash advances generally carry a high APR and transaction fees. Aside from the APR, Barclaycard with Apple Rewards cardholders will be charged a cash advance fee of either $10 USD or 27.24%, whichever is greater, if they use the card for a cash advance.

Foreign Transaction Fees

If cardholders use the Barclaycard with Apple Rewards abroad, they can expect to pay a foreign transaction fee, which equals 3% of the amount they spend abroad.

Penalty Rates & Fees

The cardholder will be charged a late payment fee of up to $37 USD if the minimum monthly payment is missed or paid after the payment deadline.

The cardholder will be charged a returned payment fee of up to $37 by the credit card issuer if a bill is paid with a check that bounces.

Misuse Fees:
Late Payment Up to $37 USD
Returned Payment Fee Up to $37


  • Premium Benefits
  • Shopping Offers
  • Travel Benefits
  • Customer Protection
    • $0 Fraud Liability protection
    • ID Theft Protection™ 24/7

Cardholder Profile

Credit cards are often targeted to different individuals based on key demographic and card ownership information. When looking for a new credit card, it can be helpful to look at customers who currently use a particular card. After reviewing a number of Barclaycard with Apple Rewards cardholders, we developed the typical cardholder profile below.

Average Credit Score Range

Excellent (720 – 850)
Good (690 – 719)

Cardholder Credit Range 650 – 810

Average Cardholder Age 45 – 60 years

Average Household Income Between $50,000 and $99,999

Average Education Level Undergraduate Degree

Primary Card Adoption Reasons

  • Benefits and Rewards
  • To Build Credit
  • Reasons for Cardholder Satisfaction
  • Customer Service
  • Valuable Rewards and Features

Issuer Contact Information

Issuer Name Barclaycard

Issuer Website

Card Terms and Conditions card terms and conditions (

Available Customer Service

Customer Service Phone (866) 928-8598

Sales Phone (877) 408-8866

Address: Barclays Bank Card Services
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101

Bank Information: Barclays is an online bank founded in 2001 and headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Based on its fees, size, and account interest rates this bank receives a Smart Rating of 97 out of 100, which is significantly better than the average.

Website website (

General Phone Number (888) 710-8756

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