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Discover offers a wide range of credit cards. Most of their cards offer rewards, including cash back and miles for airline travel. They also offer a secured card. A Discover it® Cash Back credit card is designed for applicants with good credit, which typically means a credit score of 651 or higher. It has no annual fee and offers cardholders cash back for purchases. 

Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Rates & Fees

$0 0% intro APR for purchases for 14 months from date of account opening. 0% intro APR for balance transfers for 14 months from date of first transfer, for transfers under this offer that post to your account by February 10, 2019. 13.99% to 24.99% 3% of the amount of each transfer. None

How to Apply For Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Online

There are two options for applying for the Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card online. You can visit their homepage at www.discover.com. If you’ve been invited to apply, you can visit their website to fill out a special Discover credit card application.

Apply for Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Online Without an Invitation

Even if you haven’t received an invitation, you can still apply for a Discover credit card.

  1. Once you visit their homepage, click on “Credit Cards” near the top left side of the page and select “All Credit Cards.”


  2. Choose the Discover it® Cash Back credit card and click “Apply Now.”


  3. Enter your first and last name and click “Continue.”


Follow the prompts to finish your application.

Apply for Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Online With an Invitation

  1. If you have received an invitation to apply for a Discover credit card, visit their website: discovercard.com/application.
  2. Enter your invitation number and click the orange button that says “Continue.”

Follow the prompts to finish your application.

Compare Discover Credit Cards Online

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Discover Credit Card Customer Service

If you have any concerns or questions about your Discover credit card, contact their customer service representatives at 1-800-347-26-83. If you are outside the U.S., you can contact them at 1-801-902-31-00.

You can also write them at:
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 30943
Salt Lake City, UT, 94130-0943.

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Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card FAQs

How do you activate a new card?
You can activate a new card by visiting their website or by calling customer service at 1-800-347-26-83. You will need the three-digit code on the back of the card.

What are the benefits of the Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card?
With the Discover it® Cash Back card, you earn unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases and 5% cashback bonus at Amazon.com & Wholesale Clubs on up to $1,500 in purchases when you activate. All the cash back you’ve earned will be matched at the end of your first year.

Can I transfer a balance?
With the Discover Cash Back credit card, you can transfer a balance as long as you have enough available credit to do so. It can take seven to 14 days to transfer a balance. The Discover it® Cash Back card offers a 0 percent APR for the first 14 months. After that, the APR varies based on the Prime Rate. It typically ranges from 13.99 to 24.99 percent depending on your credit history.

Is there a way to avoid paying interest?
You can avoid paying interest on new purchases if you pay your new balance in full every month. If you don’t pay balances in full, you will earn interest unless you have a promotional 0 percent APR credit cards.

What should I do if I’m having financial difficulties?
Discover has a dedicated department for helping people who are having financial troubles due to unemployment, illness, or other factors. You can reach them at 1-800-983-14-12.

Can I use my card overseas?
You can use your card for foreign travel. Make sure to notify Discover about your travel plans, though, so your card isn’t declined. You can call their customer service at 1-800-347-26-83 or log into your Discover online account to notify them.

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For Example:

Let’s assume the balance on your credit card is $5000, your card’s APR is 23%, and your minimum monthly payment in percentage is 100. Your first payment should be $100. Note that this number is expected to change over time.

To pay off your credit card balance in full, it will take you 2442 months. You’ll pay the overall interest of $99510.62. Your total payment will be $104510.62.

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator

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Watch How Do Balance Transfers Credit Cards Work

Before apply for new credit card estimate your potential balance transfer savings

Online Balance Transfer Calculator

Discover it® Credit Card 1st Year Annual fee $ Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Currently, a variable 13.99% to 24.99%% - 24.99% APR on purchases. (These APRs do not apply to cash advances.)


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